Al-Jabal Group Company for General Contracting , Trade & Transport Since 2004


General Equipment Process Department

Al Jabal Group Company has great ability to supply all kinds of material and provide all the services that suits the work requirements in all aspects related to contracting and general trade, as well as Electrical , Mechanical and food supplies on a global basis because of its close and confident commercial links inside and outside the country.

Electrical Department

This includes the installation, operation and maintenance of all electrical works, housework and all specialized materials.

Transport Section

The company has the safest and most professional means of providing and transporting petroleum products of any kind with best mechanism of transport, and we are now in a contract of providing and transporting petroleum products to Sallyport Company in Balad Airbase ( Contract Value = 31.5 Million Dollars ).

The company also transfers goods and equipment with all kinds of  load  required by the client inside and outside of Iraq.

Bridges Section

The company has the equipment and the trained personnel to do great skilled work  in digging concrete pillars of bridges under the water surface or on the surface of the earth, and the company casts concrete for the bridges according to the required technical and civil work specifications. As well as the installation and processing of iron & concrete girders.

Mechanical Department

The company’s role extends in this department to include all the works that need professionalism  in the field of mechanics, and also includes the processing, operating and maintenance of all materials and mechanical works .

Stores Section

The company also has many warehouses that can store all materials and equipment with an area of 10 thousand square meters.

Department of Civil Works

Al-Jabal Group Company is specialized in providing all site processing, structural, construction and design works, as well as demolition, excavation, and the preparation and casting of concrete, as well as all soil and earth works and the laying of pillars and precast concrete  and sheet piles, and thus the company and its technical team Submit & provide all civil works at the highest and most accurate levels.

Maintenance Section

The company provides maintenance services for all types of construction  equipments ,also provides  maintenance services for electrical, mechanical, buildings, warehouses, ships and boats of all types . marine and river” .

Department of Marine Works

The role of the company and its services extends to the specialized marine works. It undertakes the construction of platforms, marinas, rivers and ports. The company also possesses the equipment and personnel required for drilling and the methods of concrete and iron substrates under the water with the highest accuracy and efficiency.

The company also prepares, operates and erects marinas and rescue marine crafts quickly and efficiently, and the company is specialized in the processing and maintenance of ships and boats of all kinds” marine and river”.




Architecture, Garden, Interior,

Building, Interior, Workspace,


Al-Jabal Group Company for General Contracting & Trade& Transport, was established in 2004 and its headquarter is located in Basra, Iraq

General Manager of the Company:

Ali Hussein Khalaf Al-Kanan

The company has several branches in all governorates of Iraq, as well as outside Iraq , in Dubai – United Arab Emirates .

The client gets what satisfies his taste perfectly, and the quality standards we adhere to in the finest details in all works, at a cost commensurate with the budget of the client, and we are keen to always offer him a special work suited to his quality standards.

-To lead the market in all areas in which we work in while maintaining the appropriate prices, which fits our quality.

-To grow locally and globally by short and long term planning, and expanding all relations with the public and private sectors.

-To be fully committed to the rules of honest competition, So that we can achieve constructive and fruitful competition that will always push us forward through self-development and commitment to the right path, and also in the interest of the client and the labor market in general.

-Respect our clients and our team, provide them with full support, and appropriate opportunities for growth, to help them to upgrade at all levels and fields, and leave the fingerprint of Al-Jabal Company within each  one of them .

-To achieve equitable growth and profit; without any exaggerations. only as means to achieve other goals and values of our company, and to continue the development  process to grow locally and expand globally.

To ensure full commitment to all clients

The technical and administration team of Al-Jabal  Group company  undertakes to God and our clients to abide by the highest standards of quality, professionalism in the implementation of the work to be entrusted to us, and to rely on the best and most skilled labor, and the most professional at the same time, and continue to develop the mechanisms and techniques of work, to achieve progress ..

And to keep up with the latest methods and techniques to provide a unique work from the rest of the competitors, a work of value and resonates positively at the local and global levels, taking into account prices and to be perfectly fair compared to the quality provided .

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The Construction Company



A brief summary of our projects

It is worth noting that our company has carried out and continues to implement many projects in various specialties, including but not limited to building a camp in Bucca for the international coalition forces and British forces and the work of scraping and soil preparation and paving the main streets in the province of Maysan for the southern Gulf battalion subsidiary To the Corps of Engineers for the US Army and the work of the demolition and reconstruction of the Iraqi naval force base in Umm Qasr in favor of the Gulf Company for Dredging Works of Kuwait in conjunction with the Corps of Engineers of the US Army and the lifting of the Sunken ships & materials and the implementation of pillars and bridges and sections of the new bridge in Najibia – Basra  for the Directorate of Roads and Bridges and other works previously done for the Corps of Engineers and the Multinational Forces in Iraq.

It is also worth noting that our company is engaged in the process of  Transportation of various types of materials from various sources and for the benefit of many companies and institutions such as Sallyport International company and strategic air navigation and the US consulate in Basra And many Iraqi state institutions and companies such as naval force, air force,  Iraqi oil tankers, General Company of Iraqi ports and many others .

This is in addition to being a Contributor and Donor in the United Nations refugee activities.